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Chapter Nine, 'Level One' - Part Two

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Chapter Nine Cont.
Level One

Her words stir the inside of my body. I feel like crying, but decide to hold back my tears. “It will unearth what has been long hidden and denied within you, that being- your power. As you move through the unblocking of fears held within, and as you heal those fears and shift them in the name of self love- you will experience great empowerment. A literal detachment will occur between you and your past. You have the ability to free yourself from those parts of self that no longer serve your highest good, and Reiki can gently assist you along that path.”

Next Sharon opens a box of crayons and pulls blank sheets of paper from her carry bag. She places them onto the table where we sit and shows us a picture of the Cho Ku Rei symbol that we will each be attuned with and tells us to draw it. Sharon urges us to draw the symbol big and small. The guidance is to simply draw it exactly as it is shown, over and over again- in different colors if we like, until we feel a transmission of energy- a subtle connection with the symbol.

Cho Ku Rei

Upon drawing the symbol there is a fierce recognition I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing; which is meeting with these women and sharing this experience. June mentions feeling giggly as she draws the symbol, and with a sudden character change appears to be drunk, wobbling in her chair while slowly blinking both eyes at the same time, as if to clear her vision. I begin to laugh out loud and feel a surge of what I can only call ‘energy bubbles’ float up my spine. I have loosened up now, and am feeling more relaxed than before. We color for ten minutes or so and as I look up and catch my gaze with Sharon, she signals it is time to move to the next phase of our meeting.“Who wants to go first?” She says. I raise my hand and volunteer for my Level-One Reiki Attunement.

It is amazing to consider how my travels around the world have brought me here, now. Sharon places a chair in front of the window, and in view of June. I follow her directions and sit down in the chair. She instructs me to uncross my legs and ground the soles of my feet to the floor. Taking a long deep breath I  close my eyes, place my hands in a prayer position at heart level as per her instructions. I am suddenly aware of her warm hands as they gently rest upon my shoulders. I feel a pulse of energy moving through us both. What exactly happens next, I am unsure of. I can only tell that Sharon is at once standing behind me, and continues moving to the front of me. At one point she opens my hands and scribbles upon them with what feels like her fingertips. She then moves around me once again and  back to her starting position with her hands gently resting upon my shoulders.

To be continued..
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