Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chapter Nine- 'Level One'

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Chapter Nine
Level One

We meet in a dark doorway along a quiet street in Brooklyn. The ground is wet and stained with rainfall. Though unsure of what is to come, I feel ready for anything. On the phone Sharon mentioned another member from the Monday night group will be joining us. When Sharon arrives, she silently looks at me with that Mona Lisa smile, though this time there is an air of militant vibrato about her. She nods to me stiffly- as if we would find ourselves at this dark hide away to scan government blue prints for hidden messages.

She unlocks the door and we make our way up the stairs to a room filled with only a table and three chairs. I sit briefly with Sharon, making small talk as we wait for the other member of our assembly, and soon she arrives.  It’s ‘June’ from the group meeting. June is a tough looking lady. Maggie told me she has spent many years driving trucks across country. She appears exteriorly hardened by many late nights behind the wheel. Her face is heavily wrinkled. My guess is it’s the steadily visited Marlboro Reds. Maggie says she has been smoking for over thirty years. Her demeanor is masculine, yet sweet. I catch myself pondering for a moment if she is perhaps gay. She wears a thick un-tucked green lumberjack shirt with a pair of soiled jeans and heavy work boots. She smiles politely to me as she sits down wide legged. I have not yet made a strong connection with June, and I don’t know how long she has been a part of the group.

We three sit finding a silent moment, and from that point Sharon begins to recite on Reiki. She speaks of how the Level One Attunement will help to clear the ‘crystalline tube’ within the body by the use of an ancient symbol that will become energetically implanted into our bodies during the process. “The name of the symbol that goes with the Level One attunement is Cho Ku Rei. This symbol will open the way for deep self healing, opening channels throughout the body and within the palms of the

cho ku rei
hands. It will create a recognizable shift in the flow of universal life-force energy through you. Level One is generally connected to clearing the first chakra and all associated issues held there from all life times.” She continues. “Every part of you that is ready to receive healing, change, and balance for the highest good- will. This attunement is primarily about you learning to give back to yourself, you learning to love yourself, and so- with it, you learning to heal yourself CONSCIOUSLY.”
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