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Open Aura

Confessions of a Spiritual Apprentice  aka 'COASA' © Tuesday May Thomas

"This book is Eat Pray Love on Acid.."- 'The Masters Cup'

'Confessions of a Spiritual Apprentice'
A new book by Tuesday May Thomas.
Chapter Four  Open Aura

I close my eyes to absorb my tears and envision the mysterious beings as they reside behind me. What are they? Who are they? In my minds-eye I see small Gray beings with large black eyes. Aliens... In Assisi ? Through my blurry peripheral vision I see the white curtains of the open window above my head. They lazily fluff and a cool breeze offers a moment of relief.  The high pitch tone is still gnawing at my inner ear and my body begins shaking involuntarily. Several drops of sweat run down my temple and fall over my left eye and into my right eyeball. For a moment I forget I am paralyzed and go to wipe my eyes dry. I sense a slight movement in my arm and push with all of my will to move my extremity. As I do, the high pitch sound becomes louder and louder and the beings seem to speed up their proceedings of dragging chairs across the living room floor., with feet smacking and squishing as they go. I am sweating profusely, locked in this invisible straight jacket, and my vision is now blinded. Working my will to the max, I make a certified choice to turn around and catch whoever or whatever is behind me ‘in the act.’ A climax of sound occurs as if to counteract the upsurge of my inner will. It almost deafens me as I finally break through and release from this spell. The high pitch vibration suddenly ends and my body is free. Apprehensive, I turn around but see no aliens, and not a chair out of its place. Nothing has been moved or interrupted, and there are no beings here. I lay exhausted and saturated in sweat.
I sit up carefully and look around this quiet room. My breath is shuddering and my hands shake wearily as I reach into my pack. I know I have a $20 emergency phone card in my address book and it is time to use it. I see a phone upon the table next to the couch. I dial the card’s pin code, the country code and then the phone number to the Bodhi Tree Bookstore, my place of employment before I departed for my backpacking journey. “Hello, Bodhi Tree Bookstore, how may I direct your call?” “Trina, is that you?” I ask. “Oh my god, Hello ...Tuesday?” Her voice shrieks with excitement. “Are you still on the road? We have not heard from you in a couple months, are you still in Italy?” I begin to gasp and my voice cracks “Trina, they are here.”..... There is a pause and sudden silence. I can hear her take a deep breath. “Ok, this is what you have to do- close all the windows and doors. Next, beam blue light out of your pointer finger and close up any holes or cracks in the walls where you are. Beam the blue light out of your finger around each window and doorframe. Go into the kitchen and bathroom and seal up each and every sinkhole, shower hole and vent with the blue light. Finally, find a power spot in the room where you are and state aloud ‘I now command all inappropriate and discarnate entities, all dark beings, evil spirits and the like to leave this place and never return. I am a light of the highest order and command this to be so. So be it, it is done!’

I fumble for a pen and write down her directions. “Tuesday, state this affirmation with all of your might, and do so until you feel it is working, until it is true. Now go, and get to work sister.” Her words are powerful and resonate in my ears. She is right, there is no time to waste, I must get to this right away. I thank her and we hang up.
It is now after 2am. I make my way to Sophie’s room, wake her up and explain to my Italian friend that I had a run in with strange beings in her living room and that I must now shut all windows and doors, including those in her room! She recommends I speak with her mom, who I find out is a psychic Zen Buddhist Monk. I agree and we call Mama Zen. Upon completion of my sealing up every crack and crevice with my blue finger, and after stating the affirmation Tina gave me, Mama Zen arrives.
I am relieved by her calm nature and know I am in the right place. Mama Zen sits me down and I begin to cry hysterically and share what happened. I tell her I know I am not crazy. As I sit in her presence sobbing, I sense my energy is frazzled, and I feel extremely vulnerable. She asks about my travels and I tell her about the Rainbow and the LSD. She says two things are probably happening. (1) I am making an acclamation back into a reality that is not ‘living on the mountainside.’ (2) The LSD has cause a rip in my energy field and I am walking around with a ‘open aura’. She tells me to avoid alcohol and drugs of all kinds. She also says it is my job to heal the holes in my aura by doing intense cleansing and meditation. She tells me the state of my aura is like an open door to all sorts of unacceptable entities to enter, and basically screw with my mind.
She says it is normal to feel ‘crazy’ after what I experienced last night, and that I will probably feel everything around me with greater intensity until I build up my aura shield again..  “Tuesday, build white light around yourself everyday so you can function in your day to day life without interruptions from unwanted energies...” are her last words to me.

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