Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chapter Nine- 'Level One'; Part Four

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It is my turn to receive Reiki. I feel a stream of energy coming towards me as June’s palms extend to my shoulders. An absolute sedation washes over me through this influence of Reiki. My thoughts meander; “Who am I as a woman in this world? And how does my past affect my present?” I have to continue journaling of my early sexual experiences. I know it will help my path to healing the hurt and confused feelings I hold inside. It is time to heal those parts of my past. My experiences with Reiki healing in Greece and Australia have led me here. I am learning how to receive. I am learning how to give to myself. I revel in thoughts of travel. I am still unsure of what exactly my attunement will do to me, or for me, but I know it is time for me to take responsibility for my life and start a path of healing. Reiki feels like the most guided way to do so at this time. A deep calm passes through me and I feel my left eye tearing up as my session with June ends.

Sharon stands in front of us both as we organize the chairs back to their original stance around the table. We take our seats with Sharon for the closing part of this ceremony. “Place the soles of your feet onto the floor and uncross your legs. Close your eyes and relax.” Sharon leads us through a meditation that activates the release of what she terms as ‘tar body’. “You are going to energetically pull the plugs from the soles of your feet. Imagine you have bathtub plugs at the soles of your feet, and ‘energetically’, pull those out. Imagine a sticky egg white energy washing through your physical body, while cleansing your ‘energy’ body. Allow this sticky substance to collect all stress, fear, pain, trauma and hurt from your every cell, muscle, bone and tissue. Let it melt out of your body, and release it through the soles of your feet. Let it melt down through the foundation of this building, and into the mother earth. There, the earth will transmute this ‘tar’ into light and use it to heal herself. Your vehicle will then be cleared of all inappropriate energies. Now take your time and open your eyes when you are ready.” Sharon’s voice disappears and I am left in wonder, as I can literally feel ‘thick tar-like energy’ removing itself from my body. Our eyes begin to open. “That is one of the most powerful energy tools you can use, do not forget it, and use it often. All you have to do is say “I pull the plugs from the soles of my feet.” Sharon ends our ‘Pulling plugs’ meditation.

She hands us each a small stack of papers and says, “You see these papers?” Throw them out the window!” She laughs innocently- with her mouth wide open, and head tilted backwards. This is the most colorful she has been all night long. Though unsure what she is laughing at, we join in the laughter and it feels good to break the steady silence of the evening. “These papers are your ‘guidelines for practice’ with Reiki. There are hand positions that you may learn, for use on yourself and for use on others, or you can simply use your intuition. That is what I guide you to do- feel it out, and do not look at the notes. Upon being ‘attuned’, you receive a set of Reiki guides, like a team of angels that work with you- listen and follow the guidance of them. Listen and they will never steer you wrong. Your homework is to lay hands on your self every day. Learn to make it a daily practice. This will serve you better than any notes you can read.” With that, I tuck the notes she dispensed away in my backpack and do not look at them during my ride home on the subway.
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